Pan Asian Women's Association (PAWA)



PAWA is focused on a single purpose : 

To support teenage girls education in Asia. 



PAWA is UK registered charity and professionally managed by a dedicated group of volunteers with the aim supporting local educational projects in Asia that benefit bright motivated young women and projects that help release girls and women in Asia from poverty.

Evidence shows that educating teenage girls is the most effective way to fight poverty. Schooling is a precondition for girls and women to stand-up against injustice and for women to be integrated into society and the economy.

Gender-equality is not only a moral and human rights issue but the key to sustainable Socio-economic development. Exclusion of women from economic life inevitably affects the prosperity of society as a whole.


Latest PAWA events news


29/9/09 PAWA Launch PAWA Funny Women PAWA Launch (29/9/12) Choosuk Dinner Conference in China hosted by CNIE (China NGO Network for International Exchanges) PAWA Voice PAWA Word PAWA Funny Women 29/9/09 PAWA Launch WOW Event at Southbank Nightingale, Spring Flower and Butterfly PAWA Evening with Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Laureate Norouz Dinner PAWA Funny Women PAWA Launch Peril and Promise - education symposium PAWA Funny Women PAWA Summer Drinks at House of Lords Girls, Education and Afghanistan with Zarghuna Kargar Norouz Dinner Reception with Mme Hu Pinghua Reception with Mme Hu Pinghua
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