Evidence shows that educating teenage girls is the most effective way to fight poverty. Schooling is a precondition for girls and women to stand-up against injustice and for women to be integrated into society and the economy. Gender-equality is not only a moral and human rights issue but the key to sustainable Socio-economic development. Exclusion of women from economic life inevitably affects the prosperity of society as a whole.

PAWA is UK registered charity and professionally managed by a dedicated group of volunteers.

PAWA covers 32 Asian countries and regions that extend from Japan to Iran and Central Asia to Indonesia.

Where We Work

Map of where PAWA works


Since our inception, over 95% of our income is donated to support teenage girls education in Asia.


Since its launch in 2009, PAWA has raised funds to help 19 grassroots projects in 11 Asian countries and reached over 7,000 girls.

PAWA raises funds through its supporters, donors, events and online campaigns. PAWA aims to bring together individuals and organisations to help support a portfolio of small grassroots projects that empower women through education.

Charitable projects are proposed by PAWA’s international network of supporters. All proposals are carefully vetted and checked by the PAWA Charity team following strict guidelines before a selection process by its Trustees. Selected projects are carefully monitored by PAWA’s Charity team and visited by its supporters.

PAWA has 6 categories of supporters and donors: PAWA Supporters, PAWA Friends, PAWA Benefactors, PAWA Champions, PAWA Major Donors and PAWA Corporates.

PAWA’s supporters and donors are women and men, Asian and Non-Asian, from a diverse range of backgrounds who are based in the UK but with links or interests in Asia.

PAWA holds public and private events for PAWA supporters that include panel discussions, cultural evenings, Embassy dinners and a sponsored walk.


Everyone at PAWA is a volunteer: from our Board of Trustees and Management Committee to our dedicated team who keep the organisation running. PAWA Team