PAWA (Pan Asian Women’s Association) is UK registered charity and professionally managed by a dedicated group of volunteers. We are focused on a single purpose: To support teenage girls education in Asia. Evidence shows that educating teenage girls is the most effective way to fight poverty. Schooling is a precondition for girls and women to stand-up against injustice and for women to be integrated into society and the economy.

Where We Work

Map of where PAWA works


In 2015 over 90% of all membership subscription and funds raised were donated to benefit girls’ education in Asia.


Since its launch in 2009, PAWA has helped 19 local projects in 11 Asian countries and reached over 7000 girls. As transparency is key to everything that PAWA does, we inform supporters exactly how much money is raised and how the funds are spent.


Everyone at PAWA is a volunteer: from our Board of Trustees and Management Committee to our dedicated staff who keep the organisation running. PAWA Team


PAWA’s mission is aided by a number of generous donors including partner organisations, trusts and foundations, and corporate sponsors who all donate time, services, and money to help us educate girls. Our Partners