Inspirational Girl

Inspirational Girl

The five girls from St Xavier’s School

The five girls from St Xavier’s School have now completed most of their penultimate year (Year 11) of secondary school. PAWA is funding their studies. Their school year is from June-April. They are 15 and 16 years old, so actually quite young for their year.

These girls face very challenging conditions at home and financially with only one parent in employment and the other either ill or absent. 

Two of the girls are studying Science, one is studying Forestry Science  and two are doing Management Studies.   Their grades at the SEE (Senior Education Exams after Year 10) were of a high standard with 92.5% of grades being A*, A and B, the remaining 7.5% grade C and no failures. One girl, Manish, scored 7 out of 8 grades in A and only one B (described as excellent!). Despite these scores being a great achievement, all the girls aim to do even better and have high expectations of themselves.

All the girls also donate their free time to helping the girls in the classes below them.

The girl on the far left was very ill last year but she is blooming now. As you can see, they have bonded closely together. PAWA is also  funding their last year (Year 12) in 202

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