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PAWA Focuses On A Single Purpose : To Support Underprivileged Teenage Girls’ Education In Asia.

PAWA is a UK-registered charity and is managed by committed volunteers from a range of professions. PAWA raises funds and supports small grassroots charitable projects that empower girls through education.

Educating teenage girls is critical to fighting poverty. Schooling is a precondition for girls and women to take a stance against injustice and be integrated into society and the economy. Gender equality is not only a moral and human rights issue, but the key to sustainable socio-economic development. Exclusion of women from economic life affects the prosperity of society as a whole.

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We’re On A Mission of
Gender Equality and Quality Education

In the years since its foundation in 2009, PAWA has raised and granted nearly £300,000 to support 23 charitable projects that improve girls’ education in 12 countries. Through these projects, we have made quality education more attainable to over 12,000 girls and improved their life prospects.

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The Future is Teenage Girls

Girls across Asia are putting forth their claims to a better future and PAWA’s goal is to help them realise these claims. We continue our efforts to identify and support small scale projects with a large impact, and in doing so we will hopefully bring a few more teenage girls closer to their dreams.

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With the help of our volunteers PAWA has supported thousands of Asian girls. PAWA has supported teenage girls education by funding tution fees, purchasing school books, supporting different vocational training programs.

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In 2024 PAWA will be supporting 11 projects and 2237 girls in 7 countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, and Thailand.

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