PAWA is focused on a single purpose: To support teenage girls education in Asia.

Schooling and skill training is a precondition for a woman to enter the workforce as a wage earner and contribute to her family, her community and her society more productively. Gender-equality is not only a moral and human rights issue but the key to sustainable socio-economic development. Exclusion of women from economic life inevitably affects the prosperity of society as a whole.

PAWA’s projects are proposed by our international network of supporters. All proposals are carefully vetted and checked by the PAWA Charity team following strict guidelines before a selection process by its Trustees. Selected projects are carefully monitored by PAWA’s Charity team and visited by its supporters.

A copy of the latest Trustees Report can be seen here.


Selected Charitable Projects 2018

"I study in Standard IX in Semi English Patuck Technical High School. Part of the curriculum consists of computer training. After passing my X standard school leaving exam, I want to continue with my studies. I live with my mother, sister and brother." -Muskan, 13 years old
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"My father has no permanent job. I am the elder one among my sisters. It was very difficult to bear the expense of our studies with the basic necessities of life. 4 years ago, I left studying after giving my ninth grade exams because of poor conditions at home. After some time when our condition got better than before, I got admission in Gulshan Park School in ninth class again. It was not easy to continue my education but I tried really hard and got 370 marks in ninth class board exams. I hope I am able to continue my education in the future as well so I can support my parents and have a better lifestyle." - Kousar, 14 years old
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Harinder Veriah Trust
The Harinder Veriah Trust helps give children from some of the poorest backgrounds in Malaysia the very best chance to succeed in life – by making sure they have all they need to get the most from their school.
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"Thank you very much for your kindness to me. You know most of the people of our country are poor. They are suffer many trouble in their daily affairs. I am also one of them. So thank you very much to help me to build up my career life." - Akhi, 14 years old
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Karuna Trust
“Nishtha is next to my Mom and without ‘Shikkhai Hatiyar’ project so many girls like me could not have pursued their school education. The support I have received so far from ‘Shikkai Hatiyar’ project helped me dream big and I hope someday I would able to get established in life and help others too.” - Jaya, 13 years old
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Madhu - Maiti Nepal
Maiti Nepal provides living quarters for disadvantaged girls seeking their secondary education studying at the Teresa Academy in Khatmandhu.
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The Ponheary Ly Foundation's goal is to locate and serve the many children in Cambodia who live in the poorest rural villages and do not have access to equitable educational opportunities.
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PFC - Angelica summer photo 2017
"When I was much younger I used to work on the rubbish dump but longed to go to school and now I do! I attend PCF School every day because I am keen to learn and the teachers help me in so many ways. My mother and father are so happy I am studying hard at PCF, and I am proud to be here. My grade pass was 82% and I passed all my subjects. My favourite subject is maths, and when I am older, I would like to become a teacher. I enjoy learning because it is something I can do for myself, and I know the school will help me achieve my ambitions." - Angelica, 13 years old
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Chathu Inspire Labs Without Borders
Without Borders is an initiative led by a group of passionate young Sri Lankans. The team follows a project-based approach with a strong focus on ensuring quality and sustainability, creating education-based community-led development models in rural communities in Sri Lanka. They work to empower girls and young women as community leaders and introduce them to innovative education and training methods.
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We always consider applications for new projects. All PAWA supporters are encouraged to propose new projects for funding consideration. Please get in touch if you would like more information.
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