Founder and President

Sung Joo Kim OBE
Sung Joo is a South Korean entrepreneur and businesswoman. She is the founder and CEO of the Sungjoo Group, the chairperson and CEO of MCM Holdings AG and a Governor of the Asian Couture Federation. She was also named the new head of the Korean Red Cross in 2014.
The Wall Street Journal named her as one of the “Top 50 Women to Watch” in 2004, and she was selected as one of the “New Century Leaders” by CNN for the Best of Asia in 2003. She is known for being actively involved in promoting women’s leadership, supporting humanitarian causes worldwide and for her outspoken stance against corruption.


Anna Paik
Betty Yao MBE (Founding Chair)
Mei Ling Harris
My Phuong Lecocq (Treasurer)
Zehan Albakri Verden
Anshu Bahanda
Rahiyah Yayha

Management Committee

Zehan Albakri Verden (Chair)
Phyllis Hatfull (Vice Chair)
Anna Paik
Betty Yao MBE
Kamalakshi Mehta
Sunok Phillips
Gee-Hae Kim

Charity Team

Phyllis Hatfull
Yvonne Great
Nadhrah Rafiq

Communications Team

Gee-Hae Kim
Blanca Pozas (MailChimp Administrator)
Shuang Teng
Caitlin Brophy
Clarissa Widya
Alessandra Gonnella
Euvian Tan

Communications Strategy Advisor: Freya Aitken-Turff

PAWA Supporters Secretary: Ida Chow