PAWA is professionally run entirely by our passionate family of volunteers. By keeping overheads extremely low, supporters are assured that every pound donated will be put to good use. Sterling goes a far longer way in Asia, modest amounts targeted properly, changes lives, and PAWA is doing this. We are always in need of volunteers to help us keep PAWA running effectively so do consider giving some of your time towards our cause. Below are the positions that require volunteers at the moment:

Honorary Secretary
Join the PAWA Management committee and work closely with PAWA Chair on admin matters.
Time commitment: attend MC meeting once a month (2 hours) and prepare minutes (1 hour)
Help to upload PAWA files onto (2 hours a month)
Charity Commission and Companies House updates (2 hours annually)

Trusts and Foundations Team
Join the team to research and complete grant applications.
Time commitment: 3 – 4 hours a month

Charity Team
Join the team to help monitor and liaise with PAWA Projects, file reports on and help with the annual application process.
Time commitment: 2 hours a week (per project) plus extra hours during the application process.


If you can spare the time and would like to consider volunteering, please Contact Us