Yu Phra Home of Shia is a charity established in 1999 who rescue young girls, between the ages of 13 and 17, from abusive homes where they suffer domestic abuse and sexual violence who in turn are excluded from society. Yu Phra Home helps them regain confidence and self-respect whilst trying to integrate them back into society by the age of 18.

PAWA has funded and supported a 14 year old, motherless girl who was admitted to the home due to sexual abuse by her father, uncles, and ‘village elders’.

Since mandatory education in South Korea is only available until the age of 15, Yu Phra Home was only able help fund her High School education.

After 18, she would have to leave the home. This is known to be the most vulnerable period where there girls fall prey to the harsh reality due to their lack of social experience.

With a donation of £960, PAWA has helped her establish a small rented flat in order to give her a boost in her life after Yu Phra Home. Her academic achievements sky rocketed and achieved a 1st degree in Taekwondo (Korean Martial Arts). Furthermore, she received certification in Computer Skills and is able to Volunteer at an Old Folk’s Home during her free time.

Yu Phra Home of Shia, South Korea
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