Jonathan Collyear and Harry Verden
Jonathan Collyear and Harry Verden
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PAWA Runners, Jonathan Collyear and Harry Verden took part in the London Marathon to raise money. Between them, they raised just over £6500 towards the cost of building a Floating School. PAWA and Learning for Life are collaborating on a project to improve access to secondary education for 30-60 teenage girls from very poor communities in the area of the  “Haor” river basin in Bangladesh by building a new ‘Floating School’ for them. Dwellers of this area are isolated from the mainland for nine months of the year during the monsoon seasons. Teenage girls are especially vulnerable to having to stop education and being forced into early marriage as it is not safe for an adolescent girl to go to school on her own. Learning for Life have an existing ‘Floating school’ (see photo) where more than 60 girls have completed primary education but are now not able to continue their secondary education due to the distance they have to travel and the flood conditions.

The cost of building the new ‘Floating school’ is just £8,163 so we just need to raise another £1500 to reach this target! If you would like to help Jonathan or Harry reach this target, you can still donate to them by going to:



If Your Company Does Business In Asia, Is Interested In Promoting Diversity And Supporting Education, PAWA Is Happy To Discuss Any Ideas.