“I am studying in class 10 (Arts). We are 2 brothers and 4 sisters. My father has no permanent job. I am the elder one among my sisters. It was very difficult to bear the expense of our studies with the basic necessities of life. 4 years ago, I left studying after giving my ninth grade exams because of poor conditions at home. After some time when our condition got better than before, I got admission in Gulshan Park School in ninth class again. It was not easy to continue my education but I tried really hard and got 370 marks in ninth class board exams. I hope I am able to continue my education in the future as well so I can support my parents and have a better lifestyle.”
– Kousar, 14 years old

Pakistan has roughly 22 million children who are still out of school. CARE Pakistan’s goal is to provide quality education to every child in Pakistan and the support of PAWA and all other donors to this cause is helping thousands of children attend school and have an equal opportunity to lead a successful life. CARE Foundation uses a public-private model, working in tandem with the government to raise education standards in public schools. 

CGD Girls High School, Gulshan Park, was adopted by CARE Pakistan in 2005. At the time, only 300 students were enrolled in the school, and the school was facing many problems, including poor facilities. Since CARE’s adoption of the school, enrolment has increased, dropout rates have reduced dramatically, and the school now achieves high academic performance. Teacher training initiatives keep standards high and students engage in extra-curricular activities including an Access to English Language programme which helps build students’ confidence. Health and hygiene programs have been introduced into the school, including teaching children about healthy eating habits, to ensure a holistic education. Reconstruction work has allowed students to study in a safer and more learning-conducive environment.

PAWA has supported Gulshan Park through CARE Pakistan since 2013 and currently around 658 teenage girls are being helped to develop their potential through support for teacher salaries and training. PAWA funds have also supported improving the library and science lab facilities. Many of these motivated young women would otherwise have no access to schooling due to there being no other educational institution available in the surrounding area. Most of the girls are too poor to afford private schooling so the high-quality level of learning provided by CARE in Gulshan Park School is the platform upon which these girls are able to build successful and sustainable careers for their families.

During the Covid 19 school closure the teachers continued supporting students with weekly home schooling assignments and coursework.


CARE Pakistan – Lahore, PAKISTAN 658 girls
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