Cecilia Zhao

As an Oxford University undergraduate, Cecilia Zhao is not just well known for her academic record but also her influence amongst young women, and her dedicated work in promoting access to education. In 2018, Cecilia took part in a debate at the Oxford Union that generated millions of views and attracted the attention of the global press. She has since starred in an award-winning documentary, has appeared in Chinese national news, a reality show, and films. Her fans are inspired by her hard work, positivity and inclusivity. Through her social media accounts, Cecilia motivates and empowers other young Asian women by often talking about topics that are out of the ‘comfort zone’ and sharing her experiences and tips. She hopes to continue to build her platform as a forum for female empowerment and to help re-balance education resources.

If your company does business in Asia, is interested in promoting diversity and supporting education, PAWA is happy to discuss any ideas.