Celine Samarasinhe is a Sri Lankan District Nursing Sister, currently residing in London. Having had over 35 years of experience with the National Health Service of the United Kingdom, she strongly believed it was the right time to initiate a Community Nursing Service for the underprivileged in Sri Lanka.

She established Samarasinhe Healthcare Assistance and Rehabilitation for the Elderly (‘SHARE’), a UK registered Charity since 8th July 2002 and an approved charity in Sri Lanka since 25th August 2006.

The SHARE Foundation has been set up to fund nursing projects for the poor and disadvantaged in the third world countries. Its purpose is to provide free nursing care for the infirm, elderly and terminally ill in low-income groups.

In 2012, a student named Sandunie was on the journey to become a nurse in one of SHARE’s Sri Lankan nursing stations. The young student’s opportunity to help her community was almost lost when her mother fell ill and it seemed she would not be able to complete her studies.

PAWA were able to support the 18 year old in becoming a nurse with an £800 contribution that enabled her to complete her studies during a tumultuous time of study and care for her own mother. Sandunie now works as a nurse in Kalamulla, Sri Lanka where she works to support and care for patients in their homes.


SHARE Foundation, Sri Lanka
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