Sahabat Anak (SA) began in 1997 with the first Jambore Anak Jalanan (Street Kids Jamboree). After the Jamboree, it was a group of volunteers, made up of students and professionals, who recognised that one of the essential needs for Indonesia’s urban children, especially for street children living in Jakarta, was education. Education is a fundamental element in breaking the poverty cycle. Education creates opportunities for children to elevate their economic status, while also helping them develop self-esteem and a positive self-image. Sahabat Anak, which means a Child’s Friend, was born.

In 2013, PAWA joined in their support of an amazing programme to teach street children how to start up a business. Sahabat Anak provides Tutorial Classes to these vulnerable children with their volunteer based ‘Bimbingan Belajar’ programme known as ‘Bimbel’. They provide basic education for marginalised children who do not attend school, such as reading, writing and mathematics but also provide other forms of educational activities such as; public speaking, sports, music, art and crafts. For those children who wish to return to more formal education, Sahabat Anak will collaborate with donors to pay for the child’s school expenses and tuition.

By donating £3000, PAWA was able to help 25 girls who lived on the streets of Jakarta. The girls took an entrepreneurship course learning many skills along the way including beauty salon training, tailoring and how to make take-away snacks and meals.

After the success of the 2013 programme, PAWA again contributed to SA’s fantastic work in 2014. This time donating £2759, PAWA positively influenced the lives of 10 girls who lived on the streets of Jakarta. With this money, SA ran a sewing course where these girls were provided the tools to give themselves better lives. Much like the 25 girls in 2013, these girls were given valuable entrepreneurial skills as they were taught not only to make products but also taught how they can sell them.

Sahabat Anak, Indonesia
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