“When I was much younger I used to work on the rubbish dump but longed to go to school and now I do! I attend PCF School every day because I am keen to learn and the teachers help me in so many ways. My mother and father are so happy I am studying hard at PCF, and I am proud to be here. My grade pass was 82% and I passed all my subjects. My favourite subject is maths, and when I am older, I would like to become a teacher. I enjoy learning because it is something I can do for myself, and I know the school will help me achieve my ambitions.”
– Angelica, 13 years old


Under Jane Walker OBE, PCF or the Purple Centers Foundation  built and began running a school made from recycled shipping containers which is four storeys high and educated 1,000 children by 2017, effectively ending child labour on Manila’s largest rubbish dump.

The school is extremely successful in providing a well-rounded education coupled with nutrition, medical and social welfare programs to offer every student the best opportunity to complete their education and find paid employment. Since the Philippine Government introduced the K-12 education system into the national curriculum, all schools were required to purchase K-12 textbooks.

In 2015 there were 640 students in PCF’s School and 177 were girls aged 13 and older. Following our own commitment to helping disadvantaged women in Asia, PAWA was able to contribute £4,695 to the cause, ensuring that all the school books could be purchased for the new school year for these 177 students. The contribution continued to help as the books could be used for a further two years bringing the total number of beneficiaries to 531 girls. Good quality textbooks are a vital component in making the children’s dreams of progressing into College and University a reality and also gives them a real opportunity to find employment.

In 2016, PCF, now called the Purple Community Fund began to run workshop projects to help poverty-stricken families in the Philippines transform their own lives with skills training, education, health, nutrition and leadership programmes.

In 2016 PAWA donated £4,700 to support 50 teenage girls to take part in workshops in Tondo. There were two series of workshops: Leadership and Values and Hygiene and Wellness.

In 2017 PAWA provided £2,350 to fund 50 more girls to take part in a similar programme in Baguio. The girls learn about how to stand up for themselves in abusive relationships, how to deal with natural disasters and how to express themselves as well as practical skills such as good hygiene, self-sufficiency and resilience.

In 2018 our support continued with funds of £4,000 to support 50 girls in Bulacan.  This includes increased support for transportation to ensure that all girls were able to attend regularly.


Purple Community Fund (formerly Purple Centers Foundation), Philippines
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