Ban Neourm Ponheary Ly Foundation (PLF), Siam Reap, Cambodia

With PAWA’s support, Noeurm was able to stay at the Bamboo Domitory in Siam Reap run by Ponheary Ly Foundation so that she could safely attend secondary school.

She is the fourth of five children.  Her father and mother never attended school and are illiterate. The most highly educated person in her family is one sibling who completed primary school. She scored a 95 on the national exam for high school diploma and was consistently in the top three of her class through grade 12. Chemistry has always been her top subject and she’s always dreamed of being a high school Chemistry teacher.

In November, 2016, Noeurm was awarded a PLF University Scholarship to attend the Royal University in Phnom Penh, majoring in Chemistry. Noeurm is now living in Phnom Penh near the University, sharing a flat with 4 other girls from the Dormitory that also were awarded scholarships.

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