We are delighted to invite you to an exclusive Operatic Soiree hosted in a private house in Barnes, with Guest of Honour Mr Nahmkook Sun, Charge d’Affaires, Republic of Korea. Read on for details of the very special evening – and also for our interview with the stars of the event, husband and wife duo David Junghoon Kim (tenor) and Haegee Lee (soprano) – and Kyoungsun Park (pianist).

Haegee Lee (soprano)

South Korean soprano Haegee Lee is a member of of the Royal Opera House Jette Parker Young Artists Programme. Her roles include Papagena (Die Zauberflöte) and Frasquita (Carmen). Awards include first prize in the Concours de Bach, Marseilles.

Haegee Lee

Haegee Lee

Haegee tells PAWA Magazine:

The biggest reason for me to become a singer is the fact I was exposed to concerts and operas at an early age due to my mother being a pianist. My love for world history also helped me to go towards my dream of being a singer.

Although I had learnt that the art form of opera is an integrated arts genre in university, I never actually realized it with my heart, until I studied and worked in Europe.  Now I know there is so much to learn apart from mere voice practice to being a successful opera singer. I need to focus more on European languages. I am fairly ok with English and French but I do need to brush up more on Italian and German.

As a university student, I used to love singing in a concert wearing a beautiful ball gown, but recently, I have grown enchanted with being in an opera production. Analysing the character that I play, finding out the reason and motive behind any particular aria, the intention of the conductor/librettist of a certain scene – all made me more and more attracted to it. It is fascinating to study old (dead) European languages as well!  It is amazing to be part of this integrated form of art.

David Junghoon Kim (tenor)

South Korean tenor David Junghoon Kim was a member of the  Royal Opera House Jette Parker Young Artists Programme. His roles include Macduff (Macbeth) and he will perform as Romeo in Romeo et Juliette at the Grange Park Opera 2018. Competition successes include first prize in the Voci Verdiane competition in Busseto.

David Junghoon Kim

David Junghoon Kim

David shares his story with us:

I was exposed to church music from an early age by my maternal grandparents who used to bring me along to their church. I was a science student until I was 20 years old, when I realised my singing talent, and then I wanted to pursue a completely different path to be a professional singer.

Now I have come to realise my scientific background helped me to be a better singer as science and music are interconnected in many ways.

It still remains a challenge to be proficient [in European languages] and keep at the highest level of my ability while balancing my personal life.

I feel I need to be more diligent in learning about European history and culture. As a touring singer all over the world, it is quite tough to be away from home for a long period of time. For this, I need to remain strong physically and mentally at all times.

I love my job and I am grateful to be able to do the job I am good at and love. Although travelling can be a challenge, at the same time it gives me a lot of opportunity to meet diverse people in this world and learn so much from them.

Kyoungsun Park (pianist)

South Korean pianist Kyoungsun Park Trained at the Royal College of Music. He was a finalist in the Concours International de Piano de Lyon and won first prize in the Japan International Open Piano Competition.

KyoungSun Park

KyoungSun Park

Kyoungsun reflects on his career as a pianist:

The advice of my brilliant tutor who has had a long and successful career as a pianist has given me  the biggest encouragement that started me on the path to becoming a professional musician.

Being a pianist is a fight against yourself as one is on his/her own on the stage.

It is an interaction with the audience; like a storyteller, you tell a story and the audience talks back to you and feels you through the piano keys.

Supporting PAWA’s mission to help educate girls in Asia

David and Haegee are keen to support PAWA. They say: “By organising this concert, we hope some young Asian people can be more interested in European culture /history and with this, they can further their career in Europe. Of course, PAWA’s goal to help teenage girls’ education in Asia is very close to our heart. “

As for Kyoungsun, he shares this reason for supporting PAWA: “Helping others through music gives me an extreme happiness as if it is a destiny. Education is the most important and fundamental  tool to be a decent human being, I am extremely grateful I can help others, especially the most vulnerable, through my music.”

Come and join us at the PAWA Operatic Soiree

Time and Date: Saturday 30 June 2018, 5.30pm-7.30pm

Venue: A home in Barnes SW13 — As this is an exclusive, private event, the address will be sent to you when your booking is confirmed


PAWA Friends £90 (incl 1 guest)

PAWA Benefactors £90 (inc 3 guests)

Non PAWA £100

PAWA Couple £160

Non PAWA Couple £180

Book by emailing bookings[at]pawa-london.org

ALL FUNDS go to PAWA’s goal of furthering girls’ education across Asia

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Photos: thanks to our artists

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Meet the Stars of a Cross-Cultural Evening of Opera and Champagne ¦ PAWA Operatic Soiree
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