Maiti Nepal provides living quarters for disadvantaged girls seeking their secondary education studying at the Teresa Academy in Kathmandhu.


In response to the Nepal Earthquake in 2015, PAWA Trustees decided to look for a project to support in Nepal.  After carefully searching for a suitable project that would also fulfill PAWA’s commitment to teenage girls’ education, PAWA decided to support 3 girls in Maiti Nepal for 2 years.

Sunita - Maiti Nepal


Sunita was rescued from the streets by a good samaritan at age 6 and was brought to Maiti Nepal. She was 17 years old in 2016 and studying hard at Mathematics with the hope of being a banker one day.



Madhu - Maiti Nepal


Madhu was16 years old in 2016 and had been taken care of by Maiti Nepal since she was 3 years old as she had lost both her parents. She was studying hard in Grade 10 and hoped to complete her studies and get a good job to help support her brother as well as herself.


Meena - Maiti Nepal


Meena was 16 years old in 2016 and had been living at Maiti Nepal since she was 5 years old with her two sisters and her mother who is ill. She was working hard to pursue a career in Accountancy.



Sunita, Madhu, and Meena have now all successfully completed their two final years of secondary education, with PAWA support of a total of £2,298 for 2016 and 2017.

In 2018, PAWA provided £2,500 to support six more disadvantaged girls living at Maiti Nepal to enable them to continue their secondary education. They will all be studying at the Teresa Academy in Khatmandhu, where Sunita, Madhu, and Meena have been students.

In 2019, PAWA continued support by covering educational costs for orphan or dependent girls through their last two years of secondary school.

Maiti Nepal
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