Leaders Quest is a social enterprise that brings together people from diverse backgrounds to explore tough questions and collaborate on the big issues affecting us all. Their unique experiential learning programmes train grassroots leaders in leadership development, communication and advocacy who then research local needs, mobilise community support, manage projects and identify second line leaders to ensure sustainability.

Leaders Quest work across business sectors, civil societies as well as government sectors – with people who have the influence, networks and knowledge to inspire others and mobilise resources to make a positive difference in their organisations, communities and beyond.

In 2014, PAWA identified and supported one girl, Shruti Kshirsagar, who stood out for having leadership attributes. With the donation of £1030, she obtained direct access to training and education and in turn, she has and will continue to pass on knowledge and skills obtained to other girls.

Shruti was 21 years old at the time and worked with adolescent girls in her neighbourhood to make a film designed to challenge ‘Eve teasing’ (sexual harassment of girls and women). Shruti is an inspiring example of the change that can be made when young grassroots leaders are able to work on issues which they understand deeply and which are close to their hearts. Shruti is determined to keep working to tackle violence against women and girls. She is evidence of the long-lasting impact of the Quest Fellowship Programme.

In 2015, 3 girls were identified to undergo the Leadership Training and the knowledge and skills obtained will reach many more young teenage girls across Maharashtra in India.



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