House of Dawn is a charity looking for fund-matching to educate young girls who have risked their lives escaping from the North Korean regime. There is a large flow of refugees from North Korea, approximately 200 in 4 weeks and majority of them are young women.

Refugees then often become victims of human trafficking by brokers from North Korea, South Korea as well is China. These victims are also sold to brothels and rural Chinese farmers. The South Korean government help these refugees in a large way and have even implemented a special law to protect refugees up to 24 years old.

House of Dawn looks out for the safety and well-being of young girls. Lee X Kyung who is 20 years old, aspires to be a nurse. Tuition in English and training in Computing as well as other required subjects are necessary for the nursing examinations. PAWA has funded and supported Lee X Kyung to fulfil the ambition of this bright and positive young lady who aims to become a leader amongst other girls.

House of Dawn desires to expand their influence by working inside North Korea. Unfortunately this is not possible yet due to the hostile relationship between the two Koreas.

House of Dawn, South Korea
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