The Harinder Veriah Trust helps give children from some of the poorest backgrounds in Malaysia the very best chance to succeed in life – by making sure they have all they need to get the most from their school.


The Trust was set up in memory of Harinder Veriah, an outstanding young lawyer who died tragically at the age of 33. She was educated at Assunta Primary School and subsequently Assunta Secondary School.

Harinder Veriah Trust provides financial and educational assistance for poor children to progress through Assunta Primary School and Assunta Secondary School in order to give them a decent chance in life. Both are all-girl schools.

In 2017, PAWA funded £3,692 for 8 Assunta Secondary School students. The girls funded were in Form 5 and were undergoing crucial examinations that determine their future careers and prospects (GCSE equivalent).

PAWA funded £4,300 in 2018 for 7 Harinder Veriah Trust students who study at Assunta Secondary School. The girls entered into Form 1, Form 4 and Form 5. The girls were guided and prepped for the crucial examinations at the end of the Form 5 year (GCSE equivalent examinations). They needed to be fully prepared in order to ensure they have the best possible chance.

Professional tutors were recruited, who can offer specialist sessions on four subjects – English, Maths and either two science subjects or two humanities subjects. These sessions were provided on the school site to all 20 girls for 1.5 hours per subject per week.  History was added during the year to the core subjects taught.

In 2019, PAWA supported after-school tuition in the five core subjects for the Arts Stream (Maths, Science, Malay, English and History) for girls in Year 4.

Harinder Veriah Trust, Malaysia
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