Beijing Green & Shine Foundation is regulated by Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau and operates with the key purpose of improving the rural education conditions in China with the ultimate charitable intention to promote harmony, fairness, and progress. The Foundation’s work focuses on the following areas: providing training to rural teachers, donating mini libraries and laboratories as well as launching ecological assistance projects at schools, and awarding scholarships to disadvantaged students.

In December 2014, The Green & Shine Female Science Teacher Training Project was launched in Dacheng Stadium of No. 5 Xiangyang Experimental Middle School in Xiangyang City, Hubei Province. The project was sponsored by PAWA and supported by Xiangyang Education Bureau, Xiangyang Institute of Education Sciences as well as the Teaching and Researching Departments of 11 counties and districts in Xiangyang City.

A total of £7840 was donated for 10 female science teachers from the 11 counties and districts to receive science education training, while two female students majored in science education from Wuhan City Vocational College and five female science teachers from Xianning City and Qinghai City participated in the training as observers.

The three-day training aimed to provide fundamental training to female science teachers in Xiangyang, improving their awareness of science teaching in elementary schools along with their teaching capability and cultivating more outstanding female science teachers. Moreover, this project sought to engage more female teachers in science education and contribute to the reform and development of science education in elementary schools of Xiangyang City.

The project was extremely successful and was used by the Chinese government as an example of a well-run project, and PAWA was instrumental in enabling it to get off the ground.

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