PAWA holds public and private events for PAWA supporters that include panel discussions, cultural evenings, Embassy dinners and a sponsored walk.

PAWA Day of Girl 09 Oct 2020



Highlights from past events:

JAN  Annual Meeting at Asia House
MAR  PAWA Panel : Women in Film at The Nehru Centre
MAR  PAWA@Women of the World Festival
MAY PAWA Walk at Regents Park
JUN  John Thomson Private tour and tea
JUN  Summer Operatic Soiree
SEPT Mishal Husain in Conversation at Asian Literature Festival
OCT International Day of the Girl : To Freedom’s Cause play
NOV Christie’s Private view for Asian Art Week
NOV PAWA Arts Jam at The Distiller’s

FEB  Pakistan Dinner at Pakistan Ambassador’s Residence
FEB  Leon McCawley’s piano concert
MAR  “Ties that bind women from East to West” at University Women’s Club
MAR  PAWA Panel Talk “Healing Hand” at the Nerhu Centre
APR  “Growing up in China” Literary Festival at Asia House
MAY  PAWA Walk at the Regent’s Park
JUN  “Glamour of Silk” at the Chinese Ambassador’s Residence
OCT  “UN International Day of the Girl” dinner at the Indonesian Embassy
OCT  PAWA with LEAFF(Film Festival)
NOV  “PAWA Art Jam” at the Chapel Bar

MAR   PAWA Panel at the Nehru Centre “Millennial Women”
MAR  “Women of the World Festival” at the South Bank
APR   Indonesian Embassy Panel Talk  “Modern Women’s Issues in Indonesia”
MAY   Asian Literature Festival at Asia House “The Good Wife”
OCT   “Day of the Girl” dinner at Malaysian High Commission
NOV  “Asian Women Architect” talk at Asia House

FEB   Private view of the recently restored 18C Chinese wallpaper in the Coutts Bank Director’s Boardroom
MAR  “The Bottom Line: Beauty, Body Image and Teenage Girls” at The Nehru Centre
APR  “Women, Suffrage and the Vote” with Anita Anand
JUN   Dinner and recital by Royal Opera House Bass, JiHoon Kim at Korean Ambassador’s Residence
DEC   Performance of “Bound Feet Blues” by Yang-May Ooi

FEB   Chinese New Year Festival dinner at Singaporean High Commission
MAR  “Women and Urbanisation” at The Nehru Centre
JUN   Summer tea at Mansion House with the Lord Mayor, Fiona Woolf
OCT   “PAWA is FIVE” Party at Asia House
NOV   Musical Evening and Dinner at Indonesian Ambassador’s Residence

FEB   “Girls, Education and Afghanistan” with Zarghuna Kargar
APR   Cherry Blossom Festival Dinner
MAY   Commonwealth Youth Orchestra performance at Sri Lankan High Commission
JUN   Dinner and talk by Sook Son at Korean Embassy
JUL   Summer tea at House of Lords
SEP   “Women and the Social Media Revolution: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly” at The Nehru Centre

JAN  “The Golden Cage” with Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Laureate
FEB   Asian Language of Love ” Nightingale, Spring Flower, Butterfly” at The Nehru Centre
MAR   Balinese Nyepi Festival Dinner
MAY   Women, Power and Politics with Sonia Gandhi, Peter Popham and Mukulika Banerjee at Asia House
OCT  Tea at The Ritz with Lubna Olayan, Asia House Business Leader’s Award
NOV   Dinner and talk at Pakistan High Commission

FEB  “Women, Islam and Culture in Central Asia” with Dr Razia Sultanova
MAR  “Not a Boys Club: the rise of women in Asian literature” at The Nehru Centre
JUN  “Peril or Promise: Investment in women’s education – is it worth it ?” with the Asian University for women
JUN   Lunch and talk by Madame Hu Pinghua at Chinese Ambassador’s residence
SEP   “Nowhere to Belong: Tales of an Extravagant Stranger” with Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
OCT  In conversation with Baroness Flatter
NOV  Loy Kratong Thai Festival Dinner

MAR   Holi Festival Dinner
JUN   Funny women with Shazia Mirza
SEP   Korean Chuseok Festival Dinner
OCT   Kishwar Desai and Xinxan Xue in conversation with Mishal Hussein
NOV   “Doing Business in Asia” – a women’s perspective with Standard Chartered and Financial Times