PAWA was out in full force at the annual London East Asia Film Festival this year with a special screening of ‘The Table’, directed by Kim Jong-kwan and starring actress Jung Eun-chae and Lim Soo-jung.  PAWA was supporting the Stories of Women section of the Festival and the screening at the Regent Street Cinema was followed by a special PAWA reception for guests.

PAWA caught up with director Kim Jong-kwan and actress Jung Eun-chae afterwards for a quick interview. Article by Gee-Hae Kim

Intimate reactions

When asked why he had to make The Table, director Jong-kwan responded that he wanted to experiment with the film through various close-up angles to capture intimate reactions from each of the characters. He also mentioned that the most difficult aspect of shooting the film in one week was all the pre-planning and preparation that went into the film before the first day of shooting to capture all the small details you see in the film.


Female-centric focus

For actress Jung Eun-chae, she stated that The Table was a great opportunity to be part of a female-centric film – an opportunity that doesn’t happen too often in South Korea. As she had little rehearsal time with her scene partner, she found the shoot challenging and almost like being live on stage. She nevertheless triumphed in her performance producing a very intimate look into her character.

What PAWA supporters thought

PAWA also caught up with various PAWA supporters s and guests after the screening to get their reactions:

Hyojin (PAWA Supporter)

“The movie and event was enjoyable and I was really impressed that I got to meet the director and actress afterwards as well. This was a great PAWA event. The film showcased 4 different stories, which all nicely weaved into one. All the characters were subtle and believable.”

Suzanne (Guest)

“The film was powerful, original and had beautiful storytelling.”

Nahdra (PAWA Supporter)

“It was a great event and the film itself was nice and light-hearted. It was also great to have a Korean star at the screening”

Chris (Guest)

It was a great opportunity to see something from another part of the world”


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Insook (PAWA Supporter)

“The event was fabulous and the film was whimsical and charming!”

Noor (Guest)

“I really enjoyed this PAWA event and thought the film had a very honest view on relationships from a female perspective. I was also really impressed about hearing the type of work and contributions PAWA has made during the reception”

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Gee-Hae Kim is a film producer and PAWA’s Head of Communications.


Photos: Thanks to Gee-Hae Kim


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Close Up at the Movies – PAWA at the London East Asia Film Festival screening of The Table
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