Yayasan Chow Kit / Chow Kit Kids is an amazing organisation born out of a children’s programme run by a Malaysian NGO. Incorporated in 2010 they provide for the needs of Kuala Lumpur’s most vulnerable children by offering support in education, health and wellness, documentation, counselling, work and employment and much more. They aim to protect the rights of all at-risk children and youth, provide them with safe havens, and expose them to as many positive and holistic opportunities as possible to enable them to reach their full potential.

In 2010, YCK began filming a documentary to raise awareness of child trafficking in Asia. As a result of this, several Asian countries including Malaysia have now signed a UN agreement to try to put an end to child trafficking. PAWA are proud to have donated £4000 to the making of this influential film knowing that vast numbers of young girls may now be saved from this terrible fate.

Yayasan Chow Kit is currently operating 2 Care Centers. The Pusat Aktiviti Kanak-kanak (PAKK) providing for children from 7 to 12 years old and the Kuala Lumpur Krash Pad (KLKP) supporting children from 13 to 18 years old.

We continued our donations to YCK in 2012. £2250 was put to excellent use helping 30 girls. The money was used to support the counselling service at the Krash Pad drop in centre where vulnerable girls of 13 to 18 are in desperate need of this support. This was another huge success as one refugee girl was fostered and even succeeded in getting into the Malaysian police training programme.

A further donation of £1750 in 2014 helped 5 girls in Kuala Lumpur. YCK, with their broad range of support, were able to use the donation to provide for two vulnerable groups. Refugees were supported in English tuition and undocumented children were provided with the documents they need to open new opportunities for their future.



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