“I am studying in class 10 (Arts). We are 2 brothers and 4 sisters. My father has no permanent job. I am the elder one among my sisters. It was very difficult to bear the expense of our studies with the basic necessities of life. 4 years ago, I left studying after giving my ninth grade exams because of poor conditions at home. After some time when our condition got better than before, I got admission in Gulshan Park School in ninth class again. It was not easy to continue my education but I tried really hard and got 370 marks in ninth class board exams. I hope I am able to continue my education in the future as well so I can support my parents and have a better lifestyle.”
– Kousar, 14 years old


Care Pakistan’s goal is to provide quality education to every child in Pakistan. CGD Girls High School, Gulshan Park, was adopted by Care Pakistan in the year 1998. Since the time of its adoption, the school has been playing an instrumental role in educating children residing in nearby communities. In addition, there has been a considerable increase in enrolment and pass rates have continued to increase. The high quality of education being taught at the school has also helped to reduce the number of dropouts. Together they are transforming lives and building futures.

The support of PAWA and all other donors to this cause is helping thousands of children attend school and have an equal opportunity at leading a successful life. At present, the strength of students at the school has reached to 1009.

PAWA has supported CARE since 2013 donating £4,891 and £5,412 in 2014. Providing for children ages 5 and above, our support has positively influenced 540 girls per year. The money has been used to create a school that thrives as Care Pakistan believes quality education can only be provided by motivated, intelligent and well-trained teachers. Focusing on training its teachers in fields of Mathematics and English, Care Pakistan is constantly working towards improving the quality of education being provided in the school.

C.D.G Girls High School is an ambitious school and although they are performing well in terms of students passing rates, they strive for continued improvement to enhance the reading and writing skills of students at all levels.

In 2015, £11,669 was donated to C.D.G school, This continued contribution has allowed Care Pakistan to improve the infrastructure of this school and provide a better learning environment for delivering quality education to its 960 students.

The support for C.D.G school continued in 2016.  In addition to this, PAWA also funded the cost for library books, bringing the total grant to £10,803 that year.

In 2017, PAWA contributed £8,178 to support 657 girls at Gulshan Park School by helping to pay teachers’ salaries, training, travel, and administration. The continued support has helped raise exam pass rates, increase the number of CARE teachers and improve facilities.

PAWA continued this support in 2018 by donating £8,186 for 658 girls and in addition, £1,000 for the necessary scientific equipment to enable the school to start using its new science lab which had no equipment.

PAWA continued support in 2019 by keeping teenage girls in school by contributing to teachers’ salaries and training, travel, maintenance of new science lab equipped by PAWA.


CARE Pakistan
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