“The ability to support themselves, stand on their own feet and providing confidence to the vulnerable is a common theme that comes up in a majority of the stories of the graduates.” – Vijay Rajkumar, Burma Assist’s support specialist

Burma Assist is an  international  organisation  that aims  to  tackle  poverty  in  some  of  the  most marginalized sections of the Burmese people, by assisting them run projects needed for developing sustainable livelihoods.

The Chin community faces a constant struggle in accessing basic amenities such as food, housing and clean drinking water. Being beaten up, molested and raped is a constant fear they face whether at their workplace, on the street, or even within the confines of their houses. Due to this, many of them suffer severe psychological problems.

As earning livelihood is one of the major concerns of the Chin community in Delhi, an attempt was made to find out how many people are trained in employability skills. Out of 801 respondents only 18.4 per cent or 147 persons were trained in some skills.

Since November 2011 when PAWA started funding, the Dorcas Centre has trained 79 girls and women with the skills and confidence to be able to help them survive in this environment. Furthermore, The Dorcas Centre is now completely self sufficient.

In the most recent review (November 2014) of the graduates surveyed 72% of the graduates were earning with the skills learnt (reasons for not earning were mostly health related). The majority of the remainder were saving money with their skills.

PAWA  funded  the  Dorcas  Centre,  which  runs  six  month  tailoring  courses  to  help  vulnerable girls  in  the Burmese  refugee  community  to  learn  a  skill  to  enable  them  to  support themselves,  their  families.

55 girls benefitted from the courses provided. The Dorcas Centre is now completely self sufficient.


Burma Assist, India
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