The Banyan Tree project has grown from years spent dealing with the social problems and needs of extremely poor and disadvantaged families. A high proportion of them are Dalit (the oppressed) who were formerly considered as outcastes; many are illiterate, all have few rights and little access to government services.

The Banyan Tree’s concerns are largely with women and their children; training and employment, education, tuition fees, books and uniforms, housing, nutrition and health.

In 2011, PAWA donated £4000 to enable 4 teenage girls to complete their education.

Jency received £325 for her Medical Transcription course in which she obtained a first class pass. She continued to do her Diploma course which costed £865. Saranya completed her 3 year BA in Communicative English with flying colours. She received £600 which saw her through the course. Saranya aspires to become a teacher. Nissy was allocated £2000 for a 3 year nursing course and Sunnah  was allocated £60 to help and support her in completing her education when family were unable to support her.

In 2012, PAWA funds (£2000) also went towards building a community centre where 250 teenagers attended English tuition.

Banyan Tree, India
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