“I study in Standard IX in Semi English Patuck Technical High School. Part of the curriculum consists of computer training. After passing my X standard school leaving exam, I want to continue with my studies. I live with my mother, sister and brother.” – Muskan, 13 years old


‘Bal’ means child and ‘Jeevan’ means life. Thus Bal Jeevan translates as giving life to a child.  Founded in 1994, Bal Jeevan are trying to make a small difference in the vast city of Mumbai.

They recognise that the emotional well-being of a child is as important as the educational development and they now care for 110 children in a municipal school. Providing meals, education, counselors and support they provide for the most vulnerable children.

Young girls are often brought up as the inferior child with the sole purpose of getting married and having children. Bal Jeevan ensures that counselors spend time with these girls to help them cope, aiming to give all of them the opportunity to empower themselves with knowledge and choice.

In 2014 PAWA gave a donation of £1,850, supporting 19 Bal Jeevan girls from the ages of 13 to 16 years, whose education was still to be funded.

As Bal Jeevan is only a small charity with no fundraising department our contribution is important in supporting these vulnerable children and we are happy to continue our support of this meaningful project. The first year saw the 19 girls receive extra tuition in computer skills, English, Maths, and science; as well as nutritious meals and access to a doctor.

In 2015, PAWA maintained its support to Bal Jeevan adjusting the donation to £1,988 and £2,143 in 2016 to keep up with inflation.

In 2017, PAWA donated £2,200 to support 19 girls to attend school and to engage in after-school extra-curricular activities.

In 2018, PAWA continued to support 19 girls by donating £2,600 to cover coaching in Maths, Science, and English as well as extra-curricular judo, singing, dancing and skills such as hairdressing, sewing, and embroidery.

In 2019, PAWA kept rubbish-pickers daughters in school by providing two meals a day and many after-school classes and extra coaching.


Bal Jeevan Trust, India
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