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“Hello my name is Angelica, I’m very happy in my first day of term and I’m good because my classmates from grade 8 are also my classmates in grade 9. They are very noisy. My teachers have told me congratulations as the quality of my work has improved and I passed my grade 8 with 81%.

I am very happy because everyone in my family is healthy & I know Jesus guides us every day & I was blessed with good friends. This month we are doing different activities at School; our class is going to join the speech choir competition, creative storytelling, essay writing and the quiz bee. On a Thursday, Saturday & Sunday I attend the YWCA church.

Thank you for supporting me in my studies, thank you for what you have done.

God bless everyone.

Love Angelica”

Purple Community Fund has built and is running a school made from recycled shipping containers which  educate 1,000 children from 2017, effectively ending child labour on Manila’s largest rubbish dump. The school is extremely successful in providing a well rounded education coupled with nutrition, medical and social welfare programs to offer every student the best opportunity to complete their education and find paid employment. In 2016, PAWA funded after- school projects in crisis management, self-defence and entrepreneurship to empower these teenage girls with life skills and to know their human rights. In 2017 PAWA continued to fund 50 girls including Angelica.


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