PAWA INSPIRATIONAL GIRL: AkhiMeider Jonno Asha (Hope for Girls) – Bangladesh

Akhi has been sponsored by PAWA since 2015.

“She has worked hard at school since being supported by PAWA. She has now completed her Year 8 exams and passed them well.

She is about to apply for admission to Year 9 at Solmei Secondary School in January 2017.

This will not be easy for her to do. Akhi is adopted and her adoptive father has now left to marry elsewhere. Her adoptive mother cooks in a small eating place and has little money to pay for extra school bills. When we first found her, Akhi was about to be given in marriage and living in a very poor slum. Things are better now and Akhi is determined to keep on at school and succeed. The monthly money from PAWA pays Akhi’s basic school fees and books. But because of her poor home situation we will be assisting her further and will help her to pay her admission costs. Akhi is always a good attender at our daily coaching classes and a great student to support.”

Report by Mike Whittles (Director of Hope for Girls)

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