PAWA Magazine is proud to spotlight  Purple Community Fund – one of the projects supported by monies raised by PAWA through our events and charity challenges. In this brief introduction, we see the women and girls of  Purple Community Fund with a championing letter sent by our PAWA London team and we learn from PAWA’s Projects Team Leader Phyllis Hatfull about how the funds have helped this project.

Purple Community Fund helps poverty stricken families and communities in the Philippines, Tanzania and the UK transform their own lives with skills training, education, health and nutrition programmes.

Purple Community Fund - PAWA project

They do this via holistic programmes for the whole family in livelihood, education, health and nutrition. In their own words: “We want our beneficiaries to earn a sustainable living to support their families. We enable parents to perfect new skills through a variety of programmes for both men and women whilst supporting their children in education.”

Girls standing up for themselves

Phyllis writes:

We sent our letter of congratulations to the young women of Purple Community Fund by email in September. Beyond confirming PAWA’s funding to them, our London team wanted to share some encouraging words and champion these young women on their path towards a brighter future. The letter is usually translated for the girls at each project and we often get some nice comments back.

We have been funding Purple Community Fund  this year for a series of workshops for their Life Transformation Program in Baguio City in the Philippines. Fifty teenage girls have been participating. There are two areas: Hygiene & Wellness and Leadership & Values.

The girls learn about how to stand up for themselves in abusive relationships, how to deal with natural disasters and how to express themselves as well as practical skills such as good self hygiene, self-sufficiency and resilience. They each receive a hygiene kit.

Paying it forward

This is what our letter said:

“Many congratulations on receiving PAWA funding!

We, the PAWA team in London, work hard throughout the year to raise funds to  support your education.

PAWA believes in the positive power of education. It can and will improve your life and future.

Through hard work and study you can have a bright future and fulfill your dreams.Someday you could be successful enough to help other young women, just as PAWA has helped you.

The world will become a better place through the small contributions we can all make.

Good Luck and best wishes from the PAWA Team in London.”

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Purple Community Fund - PAWA project



Photos: thanks to Purple Community Fund



Phyllis Hatfull is PAWA’s Vice-Chair of the Management Committee and also PAWA’s Charity Projects’ Team Leader. Her fellow  Charity Team members are Helen Spillett and Nadhrah Rafiq.


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Young women making the world a better place – PAWA and The Purple Community Fund