Sisters For Change is an international non-profit organisation who work to generate systemic change in how governments combat violence against women, and to create social change by mobilising communities to end acceptance of violence against women. Sisters For Change is an active part of a global movement for change, one that values women and girls as equal members of our communities.

By providing legal information and services at the grassroots, connecting grassroots organisations and working with them to monitor state responses to violence against women through police investigation, prosecution and the courts, they aim to make laws real in practice and to make justice work for millions of women currently excluded from formal justice mechanisms.

PAWA is funding £5,375 for 25 girls aged 13-18 years from 10 villages in Indonesia. Five girls will be identified from each village to form a ‘Girls Circle’ and these girls will work as peer mentors to raise awareness and share training information and materials with their wider peer group. Sisters For Change will be working hand in hand with another non-profit organisation for this project: IHAP (Institute for Women’s Human Rights), who are very experienced in working with youth groups. Each Girls Circle will be supported by a representative from IHAP and mentored throughout the project life cycle.

Sisters for Change
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