While back in Malaysia for her wedding, PAWA Charites Team Member Nadhrah Rafiq took time out to visit the Herinder Veriah Trust Tuition Project, an education initiative supported by PAWA funds. She tells us about her impressions of the dedicated girls and staff who take part in this education project.

Nadhrah writes:

Seeing a PAWA project in action

As I am a part of the PAWA Charities Team, together with Phyllis and Helen, I oversee 4 projects – one of them is the Herinder Veriah Trust Tuition Project. I also have a particular interest in this project as I was a former student at Assunta Secondary School. I was back in Malaysia for my wedding and thought it would be a good idea to visit the project, check in and see if there was anything else PAWA could do to help. It was a good chance to see the project in action and to try understand any issues they may be facing.

Nadhrah Rafiq and the Herinder Veriah Trust Tuition Project team

Nadhrah Rafiq and the Herinder Veriah Trust Tuition Project team

Inspiring dedication

I was inspired by the work put in by the Project Manager, Shariza, who is present every Saturday at 8.00am to ensure that the girls are present, inspired and motivated to study. I was also amazed at the dedication of the teachers and students. In the photos you will see how the students are discussing and helping each other and the tutors so attentive to each student’s needs.

Working together

I am happy to see my former school give back to the community. It’s refreshing to see a school of such high calibre, incorporate students from lower income families and orphans, working together to ensure girls in Asia (Malaysia) have a proper education.


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I am an Asian woman who has been very lucky to receive a good education. I graduated from law school with an LLB (Hons), was called to the Bar with Lincoln’s Inn, and recently completed my Masters, LLM in Professional Legal Skills. I know the importance of a good education and want all Asian women to be given an opportunity to thrive globally and equally.  

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Nadhrah Rafiq is a member of the PAWA Charities Team and the PAWA Management Committee.


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Present, Inspired and Motivated to Study – Harinder Veriah Trust Tuition Project
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