In response to the Nepal Earthquake last year, PAWA Trustees decided to look for a project to support in Nepal.  After, carefully searching for a suitable project that would also fulfil PAWA’s commitment to teenage girls’ education, PAWA has decided to support 3 girls in Maiti Nepal for 2 years.


Sunita - Maiti Nepal


Sunita was rescued from the streets by a good samaritan at age 6 and was brought to Maiti Nepal. She is now 17 years old and is studying hard at Mathematics with the hope of being a banker one day.



Madhu - Maiti Nepal


Madhu is 16 years old and has been taken care of by Maiti Nepal since she was 3 years old as she has lost both her parents. She is studying hard in Grade 10 and hopes to complete her studies and get a good job to help support her brother as well as herself.



Meena - Maiti Nepal


Meena is 16 years old and has been living at Maiti Nepal since she was 5 years old with her two sisters and her mother who is ill. She is working hard to pursue a career in Accountancy.

Maiti Nepal
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