The Future is Teenage Girls

The Future is Teenage Girls

PAWA is often asked why it focuses on teenage girls. Our answer is simple: they are the most vulnerable cohort. This period of life can be difficult for children anywhere, but for girls from low-income families in Asia, it is particularly fraught. Many are forced to drop out of school ...
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PAWA supports the Ponheary Ly Foundation in Cambodia through the funding of dormitory facilities for girls living in rural villages to allow them to continue their education in town. Two girls and their families talk about what securing a place in the dormitory has meant to them. Lun Phancheng Why ...
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UN Day of the Girl: PAWA’s Phyllis Hatfull, Head of the Charity Team, tells us about a unique event that marked the day

Every year PAWA celebrates the  UN Day of the Girl which is  October 11th. This year, PAWA teamed up with the actress Kate Willoughby of Emily Matters, to celebrate the birthday of Emily Wilding Davison, the suffragette who famously died when she fell under  King George V’s horse on Derby ...
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In Conversation with BBC presenter Mishal Husain ¦ PAWA Event at Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival

We are excited to invite you to a PAWA special event with BBC news presenter and PAWA supporter Mishal Husain at Asia House on Saturday 15 September 2018, 11am to 12pm. Renowned BBC presenter Mishal Husain will be sharing insights from her timely new book, “The Skills: From First ...
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Haegee Lee

Meet the Stars of a Cross-Cultural Evening of Opera and Champagne ¦ PAWA Operatic Soiree

We are delighted to invite you to an exclusive Operatic Soiree hosted in a private house in Barnes, with Guest of Honour Mr Nahmkook Sun, Charge d’Affaires, Republic of Korea. Read on for details of the very special evening - and also for our interview with the stars of the ...
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Irwan Mihat, PAWA champion running the London Marathon 2018

He did it! PAWA Champion Irwan Mihat completes The PAWA London Marathon Challenge

On one of the hottest days of the year, PAWA Champion Irwan Mihat headed out to run the London Marathon in aid of PAWA’s Floating School Project, cheered on by PAWA Supporters. Here is our report from the exciting but challenging event. PAWA Chair, Zehan Albakri, no stranger to endurance ...
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Taal fundraising event at Bancroft School - PAWA

Bollywood at Bancroft School – A Multicultural Fundraiser for PAWA

The students of Bancroft’s School raised funds for PAWA through a multicultural student run adaptation of Aladdin with a Bollywood flavour. The star of the show, Thevaguru Swarnaprabha (Year 12), who played the Genie, gives us his first person account of the wonderful event. A truly multicultural school Bancroft’s ...
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The PAWA team at the WoW Festival 2018

PAWA at the Women of the World Festival 2018

by Maggie Cheung The PAWA team had the greatest reception we could have hoped for during this annually celebrated Women of the World Festival or WOW, writes PAWA member Maggie Cheung. With the WoW Festival coinciding with Mother’s Day, it was fantastic to see so many people, men, women, children, ...
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Irwan Mihat PAWA London Marathon Challenge Champion 2018

Rising to the Challenge despite a Knee Injury to Support Girls’ Education ¦ PAWA Champion Irwan Mihat

PAWA’s purpose to raise funds for girls’ education in Asia inspires many far and wide. And it’s not just women who want to support the hopes and dreams of girls across Asia. Men are as much part of the PAWA family of supporters as women. ...
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Wes Masters - LinkedIn image

Women should have the same rights of education as men ¦ Wes Masters PAWA Champion

The PAWA supporter family ranges far and wide. Both women and men who feel passionately about supporting girls’ education across Asia are part of the Pan Asian Women’s Association, raising funds for this valuable cause. Wesley Masters is one of two PAWA supporters running the 2018 London Marathon to help ...
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PAWA Floating School project, Bangladesh

Help Create a Floating School for the Girls of the Bangladesh River Basin

Imagine going to school on a boat. This is what the children of the Haor (river basin) in Bangladesh do every day. But only boys go on to secondary schooling on these floating schools - and the girls are left behind. PAWA is raising money to build a floating school ...
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Women in Film: Challenges and opportunities behind the camera ¦ PAWA Panel Discussion

Join us to look at the role of women in film across Asia at a special PAWA event  celebrating  International Women's Day 2018. Find out more below. To mark International Women’s Day, the Nehru Centre and PAWA will host a panel discussion on Women in Film: Challenges and opportunities behind ...
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From garbage dumpsite to becoming a young leader – Erika’s Journey ¦ A PAWA Success Story

We are touched to share this moving story from a young girl who has made a long journey from a garbage dump to learning leadership skills and working hard to achieve her dream of one day becoming a chef. Helen Spillet writes: Erika grew up in the garbage dumpsite ...
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PAWA - Pan Asian Women's Association - supporting girls' education across Asia

A Most Excellent Year – PAWA 2017 Year in Review

As a new year blossoms out ahead of us, we look back at 2017 in this video created by Gee-Hae Kim. It was an action packed year of PAWA walking, glamour, public debate, music and ... well, take a look for yourself at all the fun below! What does PAWA ...
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Windson Liong at PAWA Arts Jam 2017

PAWA Arts Jam 2017 (Highlights) – a lively arts night to end a great year

2017 ended on a high for PAWA with a lively arts night in Islington. In the dark of winter, there was light and laughter and music!  It was a fun evening - and all profits went to supporting girls' education across Asia. We captured some of the performers and supporters ...
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The Glamour of Silk - a PAWA event at the Chinese Ambassador's Residence

The Glamour of Silk (Highlights) – a PAWA event at the Chinese Ambassador’s Residence

We close the year with a look back at one of the most glamorous PAWA events during 2017. The Glamour of Silk featured talks by fashion designers Jiang Qipao and Pinghe and was hosted at the Residence of the Chinese Ambassador by Madame Hu Pinghua. This video slideshow captures the highlight ...
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Bal Jeevan Trust - PAWA project

I will never give up – A “Thank You” to PAWA  from the Children of the Bal Jeevan Trust

PAWA Magazine is super chuffed to share with you a Thank You card from the Children of the Bal Jeevan Trust. ‘Bal’ means child and ‘Jeevan’ means life. Thus Bal Jeevan translates as giving life to a child.  Founded in 1994, Bal Jeevan is trying to make a small difference ...
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Purple Community Fund - PAWA project

Young women making the world a better place – PAWA and The Purple Community Fund

PAWA Magazine is proud to spotlight  Purple Community Fund - one of the projects supported by monies raised by PAWA through our events and charity challenges. In this brief introduction, we see the women and girls of  Purple Community Fund with a championing letter sent by our PAWA London team ...
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DejaVu band - PAWA Arts Jam

A round of applause is worth a million anti-depressants – DejaVu at the PAWA Arts Jam

The PAWA Arts Jam on 22 November is excited to welcome a band with a difference to play at our cabaret-style evening - it’s DejaVu! They are a music group working with people with mental health issues. Find out more about the PAWA Arts Jam and how to buy tickets ...
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Just These, Please cast member- PAWA ARTS JAM

A Cavalcade of Comedy – “Just These, Please” upcoming at the PAWA Arts Jam

We talk to Just These, Please, a comedy troupe that will be performing at the PAWA Arts Jam to find out what makes them tick and what we can expect to see on the big night. Just These, Please is a charming and unusually traditional sketch comedy troupe that ...
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Clarissa Widya - PAWA Arts Jam

Papergang Theatre partners with PAWA for a fun night of entertainment – PAWA Arts Jam  

PAWA is delighted that Papergang Theatre is partnering with us to put on a fun cabaret-style night at the PAWA Arts Jam on 22 November - details of the action packed night are at the end of this article. Clarissa Widya, producer and co-founder of Papergang Theatre, shares with us ...
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Music - PAWA Arts Jam

Join us for a fun cabaret style evening at the PAWA Arts Jam!

We are delighted to announce the programme for our first ever PAWA Arts Jam, a cheery evening of entertainment to warm up your winter nights. The PAWA Arts Jam is a night of comedy, music and theatre on Wed 22 November 2018 - details at the end of this feature ...
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Close Up at the Movies – PAWA at the London East Asia Film Festival screening of The Table

PAWA was out in full force at the annual London East Asia Film Festival this year with a special screening of ‘The Table’, directed by Kim Jong-kwan and starring actress Jung Eun-chae and Lim Soo-jung.  PAWA was supporting the Stories of Women section of the Festival and the screening at ...
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Inspire Lab workshop - a PAWA supported Without Borders project

Inspire Labs – Community Leaders of the Future ¦ A PAWA supported Without Borders project

PAWA Supporter Helen Spillett gives us an update on Inspire Labs, a PAWA supported project with Without Borders that empowers young Sri Lankan women to develop and lead community impact projects of their own. Helen writes: Without Borders is a social enterprise which was set up in 2014 by a ...
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Girls with their new rucksacks full of school kit at the Ponheary Ly Foundation learning centre - PAWA [Pan Asian Women's Association]

A Chance to Contribute Greatness – the Children of the Ponheary Ly Foundation

One of PAWA’s youngest supporters, 10 year old Morgan, went to visit the Ponheary Ly Foundation in Cambodia, an education project in Cambodia supported by PAWA funds*. We are delighted to publish her report here. About the Ponheary Ly Foundation The Ponheary Ly Foundation provides “school bundles” of uniforms and ...
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Screenshot of The Table - Regent Street Cinema to illustrate a post about the PAWA Night screening in association with the London East Asian Film Festival

PAWA teams up with the London East Asian Film Festival for the Screening of “The Table”

PAWA is excited to be teaming up with the London East Asian Film Festival (LEAFF) for a special PAWA Night event. As part of this LEAFF theme “Stories of Women”, PAWA supporters have the chance to attend the screening of the indie Korean film “The Table” and meet the director ...
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Moira Butcher (L) and Trudy Durkin (R) training for the PAWA Ben Nevis Challenge

Education is the key to a girl’s potential – Moira Butcher and Trudy Durkin ¦ PAWA Ben Nevis Challenge

Inspirational 50-somethings, Moira Butcher and Trudy Durkin, are climbing Ben Nevis to raise funds for PAWA's charities helping girls' education across Asia. In this article for PAWA Magazine, Moira Butcher tells us more about what that involves. Moira writes: We are two good friends and busy working mothers in our fifties ...
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Day 5: PAWA Great Wall of China Trek - the toughest day due to the steep climbs and number of steps

The Final Day: We Did It! ¦ Despatches from the PAWA Great Wall of China Trek

PAWA Trekker, Zehan Albakri, sends the final despatch from the Great Wall of China, after she and her other PAWA team mates complete this tough 7 day hiking challenge that raises funds for girls' education across Asia. Zehan writes: Highlight of the whole trek I would say the best part ...
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Nadhrah Rafiq and the Herinder Veriah Trust Tuition Project team

Present, Inspired and Motivated to Study – Harinder Veriah Trust Tuition Project

While back in Malaysia for her wedding, PAWA Charites Team Member Nadhrah Rafiq took time out to visit the Herinder Veriah Trust Tuition Project, an education initiative supported by PAWA funds. She tells us about her impressions of the dedicated girls and staff who take part in this education project. ...
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Rahiyah Yahya and the PAWA Great Wall of China Trekking team

Meet Rahiyah Yahya – The capacity to learn is a gift ¦ PAWA Great Wall of China Trek

PAWA Trekker, Rahiyah Yahya, shares her reasons for taking on the Great Wall of China Trek, a daunting 7 day fundraising challenge in support of girls' education across China. Rahiyah writes: I'm a Malaysian currently working and living in London. I knew PAWA during their early formative years through their ...
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PAWA Trekkers in their fab PAWA T-shirts - PAWA Great Wall of China Fundraising Trek

Day Four: PAWA Orange T-Shirts Shine at the Great Wall ¦ Despatches from the PAWA Great Wall of China Trek

Rahiyah Yahya, one of our three PAWA Trekkers, sent us this despatch from Day Four of the PAWA Great Wall of China Trek, raising funds for girls' education across Asia. PAWA brightens up the Great Wall Today's trek was breathtaking due to clear, cloudless blue skies. We could really see the ...
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L-R: Zehan Albakri, Rahiyah Yahya, Clare Muhiudeen about to tackle the steps behind them - PAWA Great Wall of China Trek

Day One: Climbing the equivalent of 36 floors ¦ Despatches from the PAWA Great Wall of China Trek

PAWA Trekker, Clare Muhiudeen sends the first despatch from the Great Wall of China. She and her team mates, Zehan Albakri and Rahiyah Yahya, have now got the first day of their long seven day trek under their belts. So what was that first day like? Clare writes: Highlights The ...
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Zehan Albakri

Meet Zehan Albakri – Leading by Example ¦ PAWA Great Wall of China Trek

Although recovering from a knee injury and suffering from vertigo, Great Wall of China Trekker, Zehan Albakri, is determined to “lead by example” and trek the Great Wall of China to raise funds for girls’ education in China. She tells us more in this article written just as she arrives ...
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Clare Muhiudeen

Meet Clare Muhiudeen – Giving via a Goal ¦ PAWA Great Wall of China Trek

PAWA Great Wall Trekker, Clare Muhiudeen, tells us about her motivation for taking on this challenging adventure  to raise money for PAWA’s charities educating girls across Asia. Clare writes: I am Malaysian, educated in London and living/working in Hong Kong. I got to know about PAWA in the early days ...
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PAWA Walk 2017

Summer Highlight – PAWA Walk 2017 – Video

Now that summer is drawing to a close, here is a look back at a sunny day when PAWA supporters got into their T-shirts and took to the paths of Regent's Park for a PAWA Walk, raising funds for girls' education across Asia. Special Thanks: Music by Scott Holmes Film ...
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Great Wall of China

Thousands of steps for a good cause  ¦ PAWA Great Wall of China Trek

Three intrepid PAWA supporters will be trekking the Great Wall of China in September to raise funds for girls’ education in Asia. They are not your typical adventure hiker types so this 7 day hike will be pushing their limits as they cover up to 16k a day over challenging ...
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Eid Candle Lit Vigil, Grenfell Towers, 02 July 2017 – Video

PAWA was honoured to serve high tea at the Eid Candle Lit Vigil at Grenfell Towers on 02 July 2017 - #eatprayloveshare. This video is dedicated to the residents and community at Grenfell Towers. PAWA supports girls education in Asia - and also cares for local communities in London ...
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PAWA Magazine Editorial Team - inaugural meeting Aug 2017

PAWA launches New Online Magazine

We are delighted to announce that PAWA (Pan Asian Women’s Association) is launching a new online magazine, edited by bestselling author Yang-May Ooi. The online magazine will share news and stories about PAWA People and Projects supporting girls’ education across Asia. Yang-May tells us more. I’ve been a supporter of ...
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