PAWA Magazine is super chuffed to share with you a Thank You card from the Children of the Bal Jeevan Trust.

‘Bal’ means child and ‘Jeevan’ means life. Thus Bal Jeevan translates as giving life to a child.  Founded in 1994, Bal Jeevan is trying to make a small difference in the vast city of Mumbai.

The Bal Jeevan Trust  recognises that the emotional well being of a child is as important as the educational development and it now cares for 110 children in a municipal school. The Trust provides meals, education, counsellors and support for the most vulnerable children.

Its work is supported by PAWA through our charity events and fundraising challenges.

Bal Jeevan Trust - PAWA project

Card from the children of the Bal Jeevan Trust

“I will never give up”

We were moved to receive this card from the children helped by Bal Jeevan.

The card says:

“My name is [obscured for privacy]. I study in the institution Bal Jeevan and Patuck Technical School.

I am very indebted to you for the help you have rendered me. Hope you continue to give me support till I reach my goal on my part. I promise that I will never give up midway but complete the task in hand with your strong support.

I will never ever in my life forget the kind help you had given to help me come up in life.

Thank you”

Find out more about Bal Jeevan and the work they do for vulnerable children in Mumbai at our PAWA projects page.

Bal Jeevan Trust - PAWA project

Help Mumbai’s vulnerable children and others across Asia

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I will never give up – A “Thank You” to PAWA  from the Children of the Bal Jeevan Trust
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