“Thank you very much for your kindness to me. You know most of the people of our country are poor. They are suffer many trouble in their daily affairs. I am also one of them. So thank you very much to help me to build up my career life.”
– Akhi, 14 years old


Meider Jono Asha, also known as Hope for Girls, has educated upwards of 350 illiterate teenage girls, offered extensive work training to more than 100, trained their own leaders and teachers and supported working girls and their families by offering education sponsorships up to University level.

Supporting and advising Bangladeshi women through matters that befall women in every third world country, MJAsha measure the success of their work by comparing ‘Asha’ girls to the many others who have not benefitted from such support.

PAWA were able to support MJAsha on an exciting 2015 project to open a free coaching class for teenage girls within their Literacy Centre. The aim was to support poor girls within Bangladesh by providing the personal coaching  necessary to complete National Certification.

By donating £2755, PAWA were able to fund the purchase of two refurbished laptop computers and teaching materials, to hire three teaching staff and pay for extra premises running costs.

Starting in January, MJAsha offered coaching in Maths, Bangla, English and Computing skills, supporting 24 girls in total.

On top of this, a school sponsorship programme was also run for girls aged 13 and above, who were unable to attend school or struggling to stay in school. Sponsorship covered an initial uniform and shoes supplement, enrollment fee and monthly assistance. By donating £2500, we were able to sponsor 15 girls bringing the total number of girls supported in Bangladesh to 39. A total of  £5255 was donated in 2015. In 2016, PAWA continued to support the same projects with £5514, where 70 girls will benefit from the support given.

This year, PAWA will continue to fund £2250 for 15 girls to benefit from the school sponsorship programme.



HOPE for Girls Report Feb 2016

Hope for Girls (Meider Jono Asha)
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