PAWA Champions are generous supporters who fund raise for PAWA by setting up challenges to themselves. They might participate in a charity swim, bike ride or marathon, or explore their creative expressions by hosting a charity gourmet dinner, music soiree or designer cake sale.

Being a PAWA Champion is fun and can engage your family and friends to do something meaningful. To discuss any ideas, please contact


Past Champions

PAWA Champion Theo Verden

PAWA Champion: Theo Verden

Congratulations to Theo for celebrating his 16th birthday by raising enough funds to support 16 PAWA girls for a year, a total of £384.

Grace Lau

PAWA Champion: Grace Lau

A big thank you to Grace Lau for donating her £100 fee from a photography workshop, “Interpreting the Contemporary Portrait” that she held at the Battle Photographic Society.

Using her book “21st Century Types” which is of portraits of Hastings visitors and inhabitants posing in a constructed Victorian portrait studio, the 50 members will have two months to interpret their own versions of the contemporary portrait.

PAWA Champion: Ruihua Wang

PAWA Champion: Ruihua Wang

Ruihua completed a duathlon (it was meant to be a triathlon but changed due to poor water quality) in aid of PAWA .

She raised £176.25 which will help support the education of 7 PAWA girls for a year.

Oakwood School Champions

PAWA Champion: Oakwood School

Oakwood School in Surrey became the first PAWA School Champion in September 2016 when the children raised an incredible £177.40 from their own pocket money and piggy banks after hearing a talk about our work to help send impoverished girls to school in Asia. Thanks to the children’s generosity, this is enough money to put seven girls in school for one year. The children heard about PAWA at a school assembly and showed great compassion. Many have written messages of support and decorated pictures for us to send to the schools we support. Headmaster Mr Ciro Candia congratulated the top four “givers” during fundraising week. The photo features Mr Candia with the winners, from left to right: Theo from Year 5, Raphael from Year 6, Melody from Year 3 and Caitlin from Year 5.

Mr Candia told PAWA: “We are honoured to have played a part in the education of these 7 girls.”

PAWA Chair, Zehan Albakri, said: “It was wonderful to hear the amazing response from the children and their kindness and generosity. We also thoroughly enjoyed reading the special messages written to the PAWA girls and we will arrange to send these off to the PAWA girls in each of our 7 projects with a special letter from PAWA.
Thank you again for all your help and support.”

PAWA Champion Sri Owen

PAWA Champion: Sri Owen

Sri Owen, a freelance food and cookery writer, a cookery teacher, and a food consultant, celebrated her 80th birthday on 31st March 2015 with a special fundraiser for PAWA and raised £1877.50.
In 2014, Sri raised £80 for PAWA by hosting a delicious “Indonesian food demonstration and lunch” at her home for 6 PAWA supporters. Sri and her husband Roger have been PAWA Friends since PAWA first launched and are real PAWA Champions!
Sri acted as a PAWA Champion again in 2016 on 7th August at the Indonesian Bazaar at Wisma Nusantara, when she kindly donated the sales of her book collection to PAWA, amounting to £114.
PAWA Champion: Prithiva Navan

PAWA Champion: Prithiva Navan

A huge thank you to PAWA Benefactor, Prithiva Navan who organised a delightful evening at Battersea Quarter Cafe in aid of PAWA and raised an amazing £1,300.

The evening was well attended with 44 guests who enjoyed a delicious Mediterranean menu with music by Jennifer Moxham.


PAWA Champion: Roger Owen

Roger Owen, our first male PAWA Friend, celebrated his 80th birthday on 6th May 2016 with a special fundraiser at Providores restaurant with a bespoke menu created by chef Peter Gordon and Roger’s wife, Sri Owen. The evening raised over £1600.

Yang May Ooi Bound Feet Blues

PAWA Champion: Yang May Ooi

Yang May Ooi wrote and performed “Bound Feet Blues – a life told in shoes” at the Tristan Bates Theatre in 2015 and kindly offered an exclusive evening for PAWA supporters. The evening ended with a Q&A with Yang May and the director Jessica Higgs plus a Xmas supper reception and raised £450.

Champion Paul Lau

PAWA Champion: Paul Lau

Paul Lau marked his 60th birthday on 12th December 2015 by organising a special Musical Soiree with several of his musician friends and raised £1192.50 for PAWA.

Champion: Sir Thomas Harris

PAWA Champion: Sir Thomas Harris

Sir Thomas Harris, kindly donated his fee of £300 for a talk that he did at the Korean Embassy.

Sir Thomas served in the Diplomatic Service, notably as British Ambassador in Korea, Britain’s Consul General in New York, and the UK’s Director-General for Trade and Investment in the USA. He recently retired as vice-chairman of Standard Chartered but is still active in bodies encouraging trade with Pakistan, India, and other Asian trade partners as well as a Trustee of Asia House.