Inspirational 50-somethings, Moira Butcher and Trudy Durkin, are climbing Ben Nevis to raise funds for PAWA’s charities helping girls’ education across Asia. In this article for PAWA Magazine, Moira Butcher tells us more about what that involves.

Moira writes:

We are two good friends and busy working mothers in our fifties.  We also both have 3 sons each, our youngest now being 19 and 20 and both at Uni – leaving us a little more time to pursue other hobbies/interests. However, we are both making time for a challenging climb up Ben Nevis because we believe a good education is the key to helping girls through life.

As a woman who has had the privilege of a good education and the advantages it brings, I know that education is an essential ingredient in realising an individual’s potential. Where society focuses on women’s learning, the benefits of their education are also more likely to be shared with family and local community.

Moira Butcher (L) and Trudy Durkin (R) training for the PAWA Ben Nevis Challenge

Moira Butcher (L) and Trudy Durkin (R) training for the PAWA Ben Nevis Challenge

Tough terrain and facing the weather

We both try to go to the gym regularly and have been doing so for a number of years.  We are very much hoping that this will get us through this challenge because we haven’t had a lot of time to do much extra “climbing specific” training.

We don’t think it will be “easy” – the climb up is steep and we are expecting the changes in weather along the way to be significant.  Coming down is often more difficult  than going up.  However we are hoping for a fun group and a good guide.

Team spirit

We don’t have a specific training regime – which may have been a mistake!  However Trudy made a point of going on long walks “ uphill” on her recent holiday in Italy and we are both hoping our physical endurance levels are reasonably good  and adrenaline and team spirit will get us through.

Grateful for a good education

Apart from being very inspired by Zehan’s efforts for PAWA in her recent trek along the Great Wall in China, we are both lucky enough to have had fulfilling working lives following a good education – it is wonderful to play a little part in giving young, less fortunate girls a chance to have the same for their own benefit and also for their families.

Please support girls’ education across Asia

You can support Moira and Trudy by sponsoring them at:


Moira Butcher is a company, commercial and private client lawyer and Trudy is a director of Daniels a privately owned retailer and property company located in Windsor and London.  Both are in their 50s and married with 3 sons each.


Photos: Moira Butcher and Trudy Durkin


PAWA is focused on a single purpose: To support teenage girls education in Asia. In 2016, we supported 2,367 girls in 8 projects across 7 countries. Educate a Girl, Change a Life. Support PAWA’s work by donating to Moira and Trudy’s Ben Nevis Challange via the link below: 

PAWA Magazine, is the onlline magazine of PAWA, the Pan Asian Women’s Association. The magazine shares news and stories of PAWA People and Projects supporting girls’ education across Asia.



Education is the key to a girl’s potential – Moira Butcher and Trudy Durkin ¦ PAWA Ben Nevis Challenge
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