One of PAWA’s youngest supporters, 10 year old Morgan, went to visit the Ponheary Ly Foundation in Cambodia, an education project in Cambodia supported by PAWA funds*. We are delighted to publish her report here.

About the Ponheary Ly Foundation

The Ponheary Ly Foundation provides “school bundles” of uniforms and school supplies to impoverished children who would otherwise not be able to go to school. It is a registered non-profit organization in the USA whose goal is to locate and serve the many children in Cambodia who live in the poorest rural villages and do not have access to equitable educational opportunities.

Girls with their new rucksacks full of school kit at the Ponheary Ly Foundation learning centre - PAWA [Pan Asian Women's Association]

Girls with their new rucksacks full of school kit at the Ponheary Ly Foundation learning centre

Morgan writes:

Inspiring, Unique, and Passionate, are what comes to mind when I think of Ponheary Ly.  

The visit “opened my eyes”.  The teachers there were welcoming, encouraging and friendly.  I thoroughly enjoyed giving out the backpacks of school supplies as all of the children were extremely grateful and thankful.  Due to the effort and commitment they put into their work, even with the struggles that they face each day, this gesture was the least we could do.

Care for the environment and for learning

One of the most impressive features of Ponheary Ly is their care for the environment and their resourcefulness.  They have their own water filtering system and all of their technology is solar powered.  

Another outstanding feature about Ponheary Ly is the students’ ambition and eagerness towards learning, especially in English.  Thus, we were stunned when we realised that the learning centre had just opened a few months earlier.  The students are interactive whenever they are given a chance and they aren’t overly timid around visitors; which demonstrates the self-confidence that Ponheary Ly encourages.  

Sharing about each other’s cultures

I was humbled by the opportunity to conduct a question and answer talk to learn about their experiences.  They, in turn, took it as an opportunity to learn about a different culture, and some even took it as a time to practice their English.

Raising funds for a playground  

During our conversations, I found out that the students would really like a playground and more sports opportunities (for example, a football pitch).  

I hope to organize a fundraiser to contribute towards that goal.  The children more than deserve it and I have no question that they would make full use of it.

A chance to contribute greatness

In my opinion, it is a human right to be able to have an excellent education. Everyone deserves a chance to contribute greatness in the world.  The children at Ponheary Ly are a living testament to this fundamental belief.  

Visiting Ponheary Ly with my mother and my 4 year old little sister was a one of a kind, extraordinary experience.


Morgan is 10 years old and the daughter of a PAWA supporter. (And now an inspiring PAWA supporter in her own right! – Editor)

*The learning centre described is one of the other Ponheary Ly learning centres outside of PAWA’s direct funding. For PAWA, we are interested in all the work that the charities we support do and we love to celebrate all their different achievements.


Photo: thanks to Ponheary Ly Foundation


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A Chance to Contribute Greatness – the Children of the Ponheary Ly Foundation
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