PAWA Trekker, Rahiyah Yahya, shares her reasons for taking on the Great Wall of China Trek, a daunting 7 day fundraising challenge in support of girls’ education across China.

Rahiyah writes:

I’m a Malaysian currently working and living in London. I knew PAWA during their early formative years through their events that they organised. I noticed that PAWA’s events are always well executed and started to participate in more of their events which I always thoroughly enjoyed. Needless to say, through PAWA I met I met many amazing ladies and their sheer dedication towards helping under privileged teenage girls into education, a course that I truly support. Last year, Zehan approached me to join PAWA board of trustees.

Rahiyah Yahya and the PAWA Great Wall of China Trekking team

Rahiyah Yahya and the PAWA Great Wall of China Trekking team

My inspiration to do the hike

I’ve always been a great supporter of PAWA’s events and I thought since I love walking, why don’t I combine my love for walking and raising funds for PAWA too.

Before coming on the trek

I had no fear before I came as I was thinking it would be like Chester Wall. How wrong was I!

But the walk to my office helped with my training. I was walking to work at 6am at least couple of times a week and that’s almost 10km a day!

Now I am here

I was looking forward to meet like minded people who are raising fund for their respective charity – and that has turned out as I imagined and it has been wonderful.

It has also been amazing to experience China in a nomadic way and to experience their village life.
I felt daunted about having to do the trek continously for 6 days. I was also warned of the steep and uneven steps! But we’ve faced the steps and are taking them in our stride…

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Giving back

I was keen to do the trek because I’ve been fortunate to receive support to pursue my education. Not many are so lucky. This is my way of giving back.

To quote from Brian Herbert:

The capacity to learn is a gift
The ability to learn is a skill
The willingness to learn is a choice

Let all the girls that PAWA supports choose to learn, and for us to make it easy for them to learn.

Sponsor Rahiyah and our two other Great Wall Trekkers

You can help Rahiyah and her fello Trekkers keep going by donating to their efforts – it’s all in a good cause: to support girls’ education across Asia. Go to one of their fundraising pages below:

Keep on trekking, Clare:

Go, Zehan, Go:

You can do it, Rahiya:



Rahiyah Yahya is from Malaysia and a keen PAWA Supporter.

PAWA is focused on a single purpose: To support teenage girls education in Asia. In 2016, we supported 2,367 girls in 8 projects across 7 countries. Educate a Girl, Change a Life. Support Clare and PAWA’s work by donating to PAWA’s Great Wall Trek via one of the links below:

Keep on trekking, Clare:

Go, Zehan, Go:

You can do it, Rahiya:

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